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 Apple Nutrition: Healthy Snacking Tips

Virginia apples, pre-packaged in nature's own wrapper, are the perfect take-along foods for on-the-go teens and adults. With more than one-third of US adolescents overweight and with many more worried about it, the 80 calorie apple can be a delicious part of a nutritious weight control program.

Virginia apples contain no cholesterol, fat or sodium. They are high in complex carbohydrates and also contain Vitamin C and potassium with calcium, iron, carotenoids such as Vitamin A, thiamin, magnesium and phosphorus.

Substitute apple slices for jelly on peanut butter sandwiches. Freeze applesauce, then whip it in a blender for an apple "slushie". Freeze individual serving boxes of apple juice and put into bag lunch to keep other food cool. The apple juice will thaw by lunch time.



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